Fall-inspired Nail Colors & Designs


Fall Nail Inspiration: Get Ready to Fall in Love with These Fall Nail Colors & Designs

Fall is always a breath of fresh air. As the summer humidity recedes, nature erupts into a medley of vivid colors, crisp breezes, and harvest flavors, creating the perfect source of inspiration for updating your style. This is particularly true if you’re a fan of manicures: For many nail art aficionados, trading in summer peaches, shimmers, and neons for a more mature look is a beloved rite of passage that officially ushers in the colder seasons. 

In 2022, we predict that the dark, heavy hues of autumn past – like burgundy, navy blue, and black – will be replaced by fresh, flirty shades that put a feminine twist on fall. That’s why we decided to turn tradition on its head by creating a nail art palette that draws on the soft, romantic side of autumn for inspiration. If you want to get a head start on planning your manicure looks for this year, check out our “Fall Back in Love” collection for some unique ideas:

6 Trendy New Nail Powder Dips for Autumn by NuGenesis Nails

  1. Winter Rose

Nail design by @Organic Nail Bar

Few things are more symbolic of hope and resilience than a late-blooming rose. With Winter Rose, a pale blue mauve hue, we’ve captured the frost-touched beauty of the season’s last flowers. If you’re in a romantic, melancholy mood, this dip powder is sure to accentuate your sentimental side. 

  1. Bumbleberry


Nail design by @raymond_le_12

An autumn favorite originating from the Maritimes, bumbleberry pie is a delicious blend of blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, sometimes with a tart note of rhubarb thrown in. If you’re looking for something that’s just as much of a treat for your nails, try Bumbleberry. This nail dip powder, which combines hints of purple, blue, and pink, captures all the sweet richness and complexity of a mixed-berry dessert. 

  1. Red Pear

Nail design by @Happy Nails by Dada

Deep and sophisticated, Red Pear is designed for those who believe dark nail colors and autumn go hand-in-hand. After all, why stick to basic black, predictable burgundy, or subdued navy blues when you can rock this eye-catching mulberry shade instead? Red Pear is ideal for people who enjoy putting their own spin on classic fall styles. It’s also a natural choice if you prefer to wear darker, more dramatic makeup during the cooler months.

  1. Evening Sky


Nail design by @raymond_le_12

Long, cool autumn twilights are the perfect time for contemplation and reflection. Incorporate this thoughtful, mature atmosphere into your day-to-day style with Evening Sky, an elegant, dusky lavender gray nail dip with blue overtones. As calming as a walk along the river at dusk, this hue will help you stay grounded during the busy lead-up to the holiday season. 

  1. Poppy

Nail design by  @Nailsbysophid

Who says pinks are only for spring? With Poppy, a satisfying magenta-plum pink, we’ve put an autumn spin on everyone’s favorite feminine color. Whether you’re planning to start a new romance this fall or just want to keep things flirty and fun, Poppy is a great choice, with its playful, spicy cinnamon overtones. 

  1. Twiggy

Image source: Internet

Every season has a signature neutral manicure color, from white in spring to nude (or French) nails in summer and silver and champagne hues around the holidays. For fall, we’ve created Twiggy, a dark, versatile maroon gray reminiscent of bare tree branches and empty moonlit fields. This “goes with anything” color adds a cosmopolitan touch to virtually any outfit, whether it’s a suit or your favorite sweater and boots combo. 

Why Choose NuGenesis Nail Dips for Your Fall Manicure?

Autumn is a time for appreciating – and respecting – the glory and bounty of nature. Unfortunately, however, many traditional nail care products contain chemicals that are directly harmful to both human health and the environment, such as toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (among many others). 

To protect our customers and the planet, we do things differently here at NuGenesis: They also don’t require a UV lamp to cure, which reduces energy use and improves their safety profile. Despite this, our nail powders produce a smooth, light-wearing finish that can last for three to four weeks.

Our unique formulas are also designed to support optimal nail health, being enriched with both Vitamin E and Calcium. This means that you won’t have to worry about developing cracked or brittle nails, even with repeated use; in fact, long-term use of our products will strengthen and protect your nail enamel. 

To learn more about what makes NuGenesis a game-changer for the manicure industry, check out our guide to the Benefits of Nail Dip Powders. Or, you can contact us directly with your questions. We look forward to helping you discover the magic of eco-friendly nail dips!

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