Nail Art Inspiration for Spring Nails

Nail Art Inspiration for Spring Nails

6 Gorgeous New Dip Colors for Spring 

Is there any better way to celebrate spring than with a beautiful new set of nails? As the warm weather returns, it’s a wonderful feeling to put your winter gloves away for good and show off your sassy style with the latest spring manicure trends. 

This season, we anticipate the top manicure colors will reflect the hues of nature. Traditional white and pink shades will still be a popular option, but they’ll be joined by earthy greens, moody lilacs, and sunset peaches, giving you a more diverse palette to flaunt. 

Need some inspiration to help you start planning your next look? Discover these best spring nail colors from NuGenesis.   


1. Blue-Eyed Girl

Image sources: NuGenesis Nails & NuGenesis Romania

Hovering between sky and eggshell blue, this fresh yet elegant shade inspires feelings of calmness and tranquility – exactly what many of us are looking for after two socially-distant years. Pair this color with silver jewelry, light clothing, and denim for a look that’s reminiscent of the early 2000’s while still being perfectly up-to-date.


2. Forget-Me-Not


Image sources: NuGenesis Slovenija & NuGenesis Romania

This subtle dove-gray hue has overtones of pink and purple similar to a cool, misty spring dawn. Forget-Me-Not is the ideal choice if you’re aiming for a mature look that complements both business and casual wear.


3. Lilac Gray


Image sources: NuGenesis Slovenija & NuGenesis Romania

If moody tones are more your style, give Lilac Gray a look: This deep, complex gray, which complements darker skin tones flawlessly, brings to mind rainy days curled up indoors, reading your favorite book. Pair Lilac Gray with sweaters, trench coats, and boots for a sophisticated, urban look.


4. Peach Bum


Image sources: NuGenesis Slovenija & NuGenesis Romania

Is there any better time than spring to embrace your fun, flirty side? If your ideal nail shade is one that makes you think of sunsets, fruity drinks, and feminine dresses, Peach Bum is for you. This light, bright orange-peach hue is the perfect color for beach vacations, first dates, and fresh starts. Match it with warm colors, gold (or rose-gold) jewelry, and your favorite set of heels for an instant pick-me-up. 


5. Serenity Sunday

Image sources: NuGenesis Slovenija & NuGenesis Romania

Spring is a season for reflection on where we’ve been, where we’re going, and what our higher purpose is. Capture this spiritual, introspective vibe with Serenity Sunday, a peaceful light gray shade that’s equal parts drifting clouds and morning light. Serenity Sunday matches well with light, airy clothing, sleek silver dresses, and lavender hues for a soft, delicate look. 


6. Bamboo Green

Image sources: NuGenesis Slovenija & NuGenesis Romania

With springtime often comes a renewed focus on living green and in harmony with nature – something NuGenesis honors every day by ensuring all of our nail dips are completely organic and nontoxic. Bamboo Green captures our love for the natural world with its vivid leafy hue that shines like a forest canopy under the sun. Let your inner nature spirit out by wearing this shade alongside sustainably-made earth tone clothing, hemp jewelry, and your best smile. 


Tip: Get Creative With Colors and Patterns!

This season, we’re seeing an increased trend towards manicures that think outside the box. Consider mixing and matching shades by painting each nail a different color, or by painting your nails “split screen” style, with two shades per nail, evenly divided down the middle. Quirky patterns are expected to be all the rage this spring – think inverse heart shapes, multicolor nail tips, or glitter stars. Spring is the season of new life and creation, so don’t limit your imagination. 


Why Choose NuGenesis Nails For Your Spring Manicure?

With uncertainty still surrounding salon visits in many areas, finding the right take-home nail kit is a priority for many beauty aficionados. Our nail dip powders provide the perfect way to safely achieve a flawless, long-lasting manicure from home thanks to our unique formula and easy application and removal process.

NuGenesis nails don’t require a UV lamp to cure, so you won’t need any special equipment to use our dip powders at home. Just follow the process outlined in our “How-To” videos and your new manicure will harden on its own with exposure to air, creating a shiny, long-lasting finish that lasts three to four weeks. 

All of our dip powders are light-wearing, chip and scratch-resistant, and can be applied to both natural and artificial nails. Being fortified with compounds like calcium and Vitamin E, they won’t cause natural nails to become dry or brittle, even with frequent applications. 

Interested in learning more about what makes NuGenesis nail dip powders special? Check out the many benefits of our nail dips, or contact us with your questions. We’ll be happy to discuss our formulas with you or help you choose the right shade to flatter your unique style! 

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