Nail Shape 101: 7 Best Nail Trends of 2022/2023 to Start Practicing

Nail Shape 101: 7 Best Nail Trends of 2022/2023 to Start Practicing

Your nail shape is the foundation of your manicure, so it’s essential to choose the best nail shape for your hands before you book a salon appointment (or do your nails at home). The right nail shape can be used to make short fingers appear longer, accentuate your natural nails’ best features, or prevent nail problems, such as chipping or cracking. Knowing which nail shapes pair well with your favorite nail dip colors is also a big part of choosing the most flattering manicure style. 

Below, we’ll break down the most popular nail shapes and trends for 2022/2023, so you can choose your next nail dip powder manicure with confidence:


1. Round/Natural Nails

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This classic style is ideally suited to short nail shapes and requires very little maintenance. At the same time, it’s highly versatile; round nails work with virtually any nail color, including nude shades. 

If you have a busy, active lifestyle, round should be your go-to nail shape because it’s highly resistant to chipping and cracking. Round nails are also perfect if you’re trying to give your nails a break from wearing acrylic or gel extensions. 


2. Coffin Nails

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While round nails will always be popular owing to their simplicity and practicality, no one can deny that long, dramatic coffin nails are 2022’s top manicure trend. Frequently spotted on celebrities, including Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, coffin nails flatter every hand shape and offer plenty of space for intricate designs. 

Because coffin nails (and coffin stiletto nails, which are equally in vogue) are among the most extreme long nail shapes, achieving this look requires a set of acrylic or gel nail extensions. However, if you’re ready to commit to maintaining extra-long nails, there’s no better way to make a statement than trying this bold, edgy shape. 

With their extra length, coffin nails are the perfect canvas for nail art and ombre nail dips. Generally, it’s better to stick to jewel tones, nudes, and pastels when rocking this nail shape, as dark colors can look a bit too “heavy” and overwhelming on very long nails. If you want to wear a darker shade, try starting with a jewel or pastel base coat, then fade to black at the tips.


3. Arrowhead Nails

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This modern, hassle-free update on stiletto nails allows manicure lovers to enjoy pointed tips without committing to extra-long nails. To achieve a shorter length without sacrificing shape, arrowhead nails are angled more sharply along their sides than stiletto nails.

Though arrowhead nails are currently one of the most popular acrylic and gel nail shapes, this look can also be worn on natural nails, provided that your nails are strong and healthy. (If your nails are chip-prone, try strengthening them with our NuGenesis dip powders, which are fortified with Vitamin E and Calcium.) In terms of color, arrowhead nails are highly versatile, but their sharp edges are particularly eye-catching when paired with dark or dramatic hues. 


4. Square Nails

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Square nails have an unmistakably strong, intense silhouette that works equally well with short and long nails. One of our favorite dip nail shapes for 2022, square nails are at their most impactful when painted with bold, dark colors, like burgundy, navy blue, and black. Their broad tips also make them a great candidate for creative nail art.

While it’s easy to create square nails by running a file back and forth across the edge of natural nails, natural square nails can be prone to chipping. If you don’t have strong nails (or don’t want to bother with frequent nail filing), use gel or acrylic nails to obtain this shape instead. 


5. Oval Nails

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Like the little black dress, oval nails are a classic look that never goes out of style. Best suited to long nails, the oval nail shape’s gently curved tips make fingers look long, slender, and ultimately feminine. 

If you want a manicure that embodies timeless elegance, you can’t go wrong with oval nails in nude, pink, or white shades. Or, if you’re in the mood for something more youthful and fun, try pairing oval nails with neon nail dips or glitter hues.  


6. Almond Nails

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If you love the tapered look of oval nails, consider kicking things up a notch with their more glamorous cousin: Almond nails. Almond nails are longer than oval nails and have a more rounded tip that makes them striking from a distance – and gives you more space for nail art! 

Bring out your creativity by experimenting with almond dip nail shapes and colors: Think alternating nail colors, glitter tips, rhinestone accents, and opalescent shimmers. 


7. Stiletto Nails

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Add a hint of danger to your manicure with sharp, edgy stiletto nails. Known for their long and distinctly pointed tips, stiletto nails have a daring, predatory appeal that can either be enhanced with dark or bold hues (like blood red) or softened with pastel shades – the choice is up to you. Plus, stiletto nails are one of the best ways to give short fingers the illusion of length. 


Let Your Creativity Flow with Nail Dip Powders from NuGenesis

Whether you prefer practical, no-fuss nails or elaborate nail art, nail dip powders from NuGenesis are the perfect way to express your style. Not only do our NuGenesis Nails Dip Powders come in an astonishing range of colors, but our unique nail-nourishing formula is also designed to protect and strengthen natural nails – so you can confidently experiment with any nail shape you want! 

Our durable, versatile nail dips work with acrylic and gel nail extensions (for those who prefer artificial nails), and they last for three to four weeks before needing a touch-up, giving you ample time to enjoy your chosen nail design. Plus, our easy soak-off process makes removal a breeze. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite nail shape from this list of this year's looks and start browsing our extensive collection of nail dip colors. Your dream manicure is just a few clicks away!

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