Nail Colors & Designs for Winter Season

Nail Colors & Designs for Winter Season

Dip Powder Nail Colors & Designs You Must Try This Season

It’s that time of year again when there are parties after parties, and we’re always looking for ways to let our style shine. At NuGenesis Nails, we know that manicures are a winter favorite because, at a time when we have to bundle up in warm clothing, we can still express ourselves with a striking set of Christmas nails.

To help you embrace your individuality this holiday season, our team has developed a special collection of custom dip powder nail designs that are both festive and classy. With these looks, you’ll feel equally confident rocking your new manicure at holiday parties, low-key gatherings, and the office.

And, because our dip powders are durable enough to last for up to four weeks, you won’t have to worry about touching up your NuGenesis manicure during the busy festive season.

Introducing our Winter and Glitz Collections: winter dip nails that sparkle with glitter in 43 bold, elegant colors. If you’re looking for nails that will get you noticed this winter season, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover the top five nail dip powder colors for the winter & holiday season!

Make Your Holiday Season Sparkle With Our Top 5 Winter Dip Nails

1. Catch Me (Nu 178)


Catch Me is an umber red dip powder designed to flawlessly complement the rich hues of the holiday season, such as gold, green, and brown. To lighten and brighten this opulent color, we’ve added dazzling sparkles of glitter that will dance across your nails like flickering radiant lights.

If your holiday wardrobe is full of warm tones, Catch Me is the perfect shade to highlight your nails. 

2. Enjoy Every Minute (Nu 158)


For those who prefer a smoother, cooler, and more matte holiday red, we developed Enjoy Every Minute. Reminiscent of burgundy velvet and red wine, Enjoy Every Minute is the sophisticated shade you’ll need if you’re going for a classic, elegant, and mature look this holiday season.

As a color that never goes out of style, deep red flatters all skin tones and works equally well with business attire, cocktail dresses, and cozy sweaters – making Enjoy Every Minute our most versatile dip powder for winter.

3. Blue Suede Shoes (Nu 11)


If sticking to traditional holiday colors feels too predictable to you, you’ll love Blue Suede Shoes. We’ve accentuated this winter blue dip powder with glitter for a frosty look that calls to mind moonlit snow. 

Consider Blue Suede Shoes your go-to manicure color for winter if you prefer silver jewelry and cool-toned clothes.

4. Lady Luck (Nu 39)


With every new year comes a new beginning, and we created Lady Luck to reflect the bright hope for the good fortune that accompanies every fresh start. This golden-white shade combines the soft glow of holiday lights with the glittery look of champagne bubbles for a finish that will make you want to dance all night.

We recommend this celebratory shade for people who enjoy light, airy looks or metallic colors. It’s also a great choice for those who need a manicure they can pair with both gold and silver jewelry.   

5. Jackpot (NG 604)



Do you have an eclectic sense of style that stands out from the crowd? If you’re one of those unique people who can rock green nails with confidence, Jackpot is for you. This unapologetic, glittery green shimmers like tinsel, meaning it’s sure to light up the room around you.

Better still, because green nails are one of 2022’s biggest nail trends, you’ll be putting your best fashion foot forward when you don this vivid hue. Match Jackpot with your favorite gold statement jewelry and smokey makeup for an unforgettable holiday look. 

Why Choose NuGenesis Nails For Your Holiday Manicure?

 NuGenesis dip powder nails have multiple advantages that make them ideal for people who want a light-wearing but long-lasting manicure. Our unique dip powder formula is made with high-quality ingredients that will keep your nails safe.

Our dip powders help to support optimal nail health by nourishing nails with a blend of vitamin E and calcium while simultaneously creating a chip-resistant protective shell over them.

When you get a NuGenesis manicure, you can rest assured that you’re taking great care of your nails – and the planet – while looking fabulous.  

Because you can easily apply and remove our dip powders at home, they’re always an affordable and convenient manicure option. Join the celebration and order your favorite NuGenesis nail colors today!

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